Interesting Times

6th Session
In which various chemicals are put to good and bad uses

Bare bones notes for now:

Sammi and Eddy talk.

Abduction of Sidney and investigation.

Ghost get drunk.

Umbral scouting of Succubus Club.
Meet the addiction spirit. Meet the wraith.

Attack on the Succubus club. Death of Vargr, ghouls, burning of Katinka. Destruction of club.

Healing and recovery + torture of ghouled security guard.

5th Session
In which the other side of a mirror is examined

Main Points:

Elysium convenes at the Fangtasia nightclub several blocks from Brayden’s bar.

Various Kindred present themselves to the Prince.

Bessie (a relative newcomer to the area) presents Lost-My-Face to the Prince and her court.

After much interrogation, it is decided that the wolf is not an immediate threat. The Prince requests a dead werewolf be brought to her. Much of the court quietly dissents as to the wisdom of this course of action.

Vargr presents Sammy’s cell phone to the court. Eddie vehemently denies any connection to the werewolves, but acknowledges he has used Sammy as a courier.

Sammy receives a call from Eddie, requesting a meeting at the club.

4th Session
In which a moot is held & a keg proves difficult

Main Points:

Sammy strikes a deal with a minor Weaver-spirit for knowledge concerning his missing cell phone.

Daniel awakens a songbird to help Brayden learn a Gift.

CJ discovers that the computer liberated from the Umbral facility is the residence of a computer-spirit with a rather perverse concept of chiminage.

The pervy computer is offered up as a sacrifice to Weaves-the-Asphalt by Sammy. CJ objects to this. It is revealed that a tall, strange man calling himself Vargr picked up Sammy’s cell phone.

The group travels to a rocky cliff face opposite a small island off the coast Oregon, several miles away from the city.

Fishliver welcomes the group to the outer bawn of the Caern. Daniel is granted passage to the heart of Caern.

Through various methods the journey to the island is achieved, including Garou, Kin, pizza, and a keg.

A moot is held, bringing the other local Garou up to speed on recent events.

Katinka and Adelaide lead the wolves in a howl. The revel begins with a hunt, a good showing being made by many of the Garou.

3rd Session
In which a Moon Bridge brings 2 new Garou to New Bremen & many things are smashed

Main Points:

Sammy is shackled to a ‘technical support’ desk, before breaking free. Various imprisoned entities nearby are forced to provide research or support for unknown agents of the Wyrm.

Painted Face and Ghost in the Snow find their journey from Arizona to Oregon disrupted and the moon bridge path descends from the Aetherial Realm and into a Flux Realm.

The group enters the office building and proceeds to demolish the server room.

Sammy, Katinka, and various other captives of the facility escape. Painted Face steals a computer/magic box from one desk. Katinka obtains a motivational standee.

After being summoned by The Manager’s panic button, a Nexus Crawler emerges. The fight with the Crawler, as well as the destruction of the primary server room leads to the destruction of the facility.

The flux realm collapses and all of the group, as well as the freed captives, return to the Near Umbra. The Kinfolk and animal spirits are distraught but thankful. A confused group of boy scouts, as well as a corporate retreat from Tellus Software return to the world.

2nd Session
In which several kinfolk go missing & a trip to the woods is planned

Main Points:

Brayden is contacted by the Sept and told that several kinfolk have disappeared while hiking in the nearby forest.

The group travels into the woods and proceeds to make camp.

Umbral instability leads to the various characters being pulled into the Near Umbra.

A flux realm is found in the midst of the woods, appearing to be a fusion of Weaver and Wyrm energies.

‘Greeter’ spirits abduct Sammy and The Manager welcomes him to the team.

The rest of the group arrives at the building site and does battle with the building’s defenders.

1st Session
In which 2 new cubs are found & a therapy session goes horribly wrong

Main Points:

The city of New Bremen is introduced, along with Brayden’s bar.

Sammy and Andy both undergo their First Change during anger-management counselling sessions.

Both cubs rampage through the city and into the adjoining city park.

The governmental counselling/assistance building is set on fire.

After some chasing, both cubs are subdued and brought back to the bar.

Sammy’s cell phone is lot.


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