Interesting Times

3rd Session

In which a Moon Bridge brings 2 new Garou to New Bremen & many things are smashed

Main Points:

Sammy is shackled to a ‘technical support’ desk, before breaking free. Various imprisoned entities nearby are forced to provide research or support for unknown agents of the Wyrm.

Painted Face and Ghost in the Snow find their journey from Arizona to Oregon disrupted and the moon bridge path descends from the Aetherial Realm and into a Flux Realm.

The group enters the office building and proceeds to demolish the server room.

Sammy, Katinka, and various other captives of the facility escape. Painted Face steals a computer/magic box from one desk. Katinka obtains a motivational standee.

After being summoned by The Manager’s panic button, a Nexus Crawler emerges. The fight with the Crawler, as well as the destruction of the primary server room leads to the destruction of the facility.

The flux realm collapses and all of the group, as well as the freed captives, return to the Near Umbra. The Kinfolk and animal spirits are distraught but thankful. A confused group of boy scouts, as well as a corporate retreat from Tellus Software return to the world.


Gomai Gomai

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