Interesting Times

4th Session

In which a moot is held & a keg proves difficult

Main Points:

Sammy strikes a deal with a minor Weaver-spirit for knowledge concerning his missing cell phone.

Daniel awakens a songbird to help Brayden learn a Gift.

CJ discovers that the computer liberated from the Umbral facility is the residence of a computer-spirit with a rather perverse concept of chiminage.

The pervy computer is offered up as a sacrifice to Weaves-the-Asphalt by Sammy. CJ objects to this. It is revealed that a tall, strange man calling himself Vargr picked up Sammy’s cell phone.

The group travels to a rocky cliff face opposite a small island off the coast Oregon, several miles away from the city.

Fishliver welcomes the group to the outer bawn of the Caern. Daniel is granted passage to the heart of Caern.

Through various methods the journey to the island is achieved, including Garou, Kin, pizza, and a keg.

A moot is held, bringing the other local Garou up to speed on recent events.

Katinka and Adelaide lead the wolves in a howl. The revel begins with a hunt, a good showing being made by many of the Garou.


Gomai Gomai

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