Interesting Times

5th Session

In which the other side of a mirror is examined

Main Points:

Elysium convenes at the Fangtasia nightclub several blocks from Brayden’s bar.

Various Kindred present themselves to the Prince.

Bessie (a relative newcomer to the area) presents Lost-My-Face to the Prince and her court.

After much interrogation, it is decided that the wolf is not an immediate threat. The Prince requests a dead werewolf be brought to her. Much of the court quietly dissents as to the wisdom of this course of action.

Vargr presents Sammy’s cell phone to the court. Eddie vehemently denies any connection to the werewolves, but acknowledges he has used Sammy as a courier.

Sammy receives a call from Eddie, requesting a meeting at the club.


Gomai Gomai

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