Sammy Wilkes


Parents unknown, raised in the foster care system till she was 13 when she ran away from her foster parents and started living on the streets instead. Because of her bad experience in foster care and witnessing women getting mugged/raped on the streets, Sammy decided not let anyone know she was a girl. She began dressing like a boy, adopting more masculine habits, using male pronouns, and as she got older learned to bind her breasts to better pass as male. It was something done initially for protection but after growing up this way it’s grown to be who he is. He feels uncomfortable with anyone knowing his true gender because of the assumptions people tend to make about women and the limitations it seems to present. Letting people think he’s a guy makes his life easier to live.

Sammy’s first real jobs were rather shady delivery-boy deals for people he knew better than to ask questions about. It made him enough money to feed himself and enough to start saving up as well. As the jobs got more dangerous, the money got bigger, and Sammy started getting a taste for the danger and the excitement. Rather than get into any of the drugs his occasional bosses delt, he got hooked on adrenaline, engaging in risky behavior just for fun (everything from destructive pranks causing him to run from the cops to teaching himself parkour). His various underword acquaintances even helped him get a fake identity and various IDs to back that up, allowing him to take part-time jobs on the side to suppliment his income, open his own bank account, and even rent a less-than-steller studio apartment.

He’s had a minor police record for shoplifting and vandalism, been brought in for questioning based on the work he’s done but without enough evidence to nail him for anything. Recently though he got caught with fingerprints at the scene of a crime (he’d helped move a large bag from a broken-in house – probably a body, he didn’t ask ) and to keep himself from going to jail he gave away some information on past employers. Since then he’s been laying low, not taking as many risky jobs.

Sammy Wilkes

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